Mendini Violin: Is The Mendini Mv500 Really For The Advanced Player

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[easyazon-block align=”left” asin=”B002026DLG” locale=”us”]Is the Mendini violin MV500 really aimed at intermediate up to professional players?

Because it is handcrafted and built in the traditional way meaning that the wood was correctly selected and carved with precision to ensure that the instrument will sound great. All this to make an easy to play and responsive instrument. So ultimately the player will enjoy its instrument. All this for an incredible low price way below $200.00. Did I say incredible?


The Mendini violin mv500 features

Because of its features like the top handcrafted spruce and its maple back and sides. The finish is a top notch glossy varnish and is decorated with inlaid purfling. The pegs, the fingerboard and the chin rest are made of ebony. And it has four fine tuners for the strings. It is unusual, but the kit comes with 2 bows made from Brazilian wood. Genuine Mongolian mane are used for the bow horsehair.

The Mendini violin comes with a case with backpack straps. Students will like its lightweight and pockets to carry the violin everywhere. And in the box are an extra set of strings and rosin.

You will want to know that the Mendini MV500 is available at [easyazon-link asin=”B002026DLG” locale=”us”]more that 50% off of the list price at Amazon[/easyazon-link]. Unbelievable.


  • Good sounding instrument
  • Easy to tune and stay tuned
  • Good looking
  • Fully set up in delivery


  • Basic quality accessories
  • Bow quality not in par with the violin

The Mendini violin MV500 reviews

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B002026DLG” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”160″]The reviews below are extracted from the 50 and more coming from Amazon. The instrument is 4 Star Rated. It is a kind of a resume of what people are saying about the violin. If your time is short, you have the short version here. But if you want to read more click [easyazon-link asin=”B002026DLG” locale=”us”]Amazon.[/easyazon-link]

A couple minor thing 

…My instructor can’t keep his hands off this instrument. Not because it needs to be tuned constantly, quite the opposite, it holds it’s tune for weeks and has really opened up in sound. He loves it and can’t believe it was a cheap Chinese manufacture! Score one for bargain shopping!

By Chad Kovac.

Experienced string musician tries the violin.

This instrument arrived at my door in perfect condition as soon as promised, with all accessories. To my pleasant surprise it was completely set up, with bridge in place (not always the case with other online violins) . I was frankly stunned that the enclosed tuner/metronome included batteries.

By David Hiltz

 My new violin

I was playing for one year on a student violin, I decided to move to the next level and i bought this one… I didn’t expect this much of quality and difference.. the great sound and flexibility of the playing was obvious…

You get what you pay for

So all in all with a little upgarding some of the accessories you should have a nice student quality instrument – but you should have a name of a good luthier for soundpost and bridge adjustment.

By Steena Beana

Impressive instrument

As far as the negative reviews are concerned, they must have been either expecting a Stradivarius or should have worked out their issues with the seller; rest assured that this violin’s value lies in its exceptionality as an instrument of its class. I expect to have several years of good playing out of this violin.

By Talie

A new learner

Don’t buy this just because of all the accessories. You will be disappointed. They are all functional but they are kind of bare-bones equipment. (I don’t even use the tuner, it works but is frustrating to use. I use an app on my smartphone.)

By Chase Kellerman

Great Starter set

Bows are the worst part of this set, but even then they work just fine for a beginner without any special needs. My instructor was very impressed and asked for details about the instrument so she could recommend it to her students.

By Cory Soudstat


Want to read more? There are [easyazon-link asin=”B002026DLG” locale=”us”]longer reviews here.[/easyazon-link]

Maybe the Mendini violin MV500 is not a professional instrument, but it has some great quality built in. Most people enjoys their instrument and love it. At this price point no one can expect to have everything perfect. But emphasize is on the violin itself which is the most important. So the player should be happy to live with the violin for everyday practice. And make music with it. Yes some good music.

The Mendini MV500 is sold with less than 50% of the list price at Amazon for way less than $200.00. [easyazon-link asin=”B002026DLG” locale=”us”]Profit from this deal now.[/easyazon-link]

mendini violin mv500

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